Mr.Roy Nicolas Mandey,Chairman of APRINDO


Mr.Lv Yifan,President Gome Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr.Toru Ninomiya,Product Planning Group,1. Brand Strategic Planning Div.Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co., Ltd

Mr.Ju Haw,Deputy Director General, Research Department of Business Development and Policy, Commerce Development Research Institu

Mr.Bai Zhenjie,Head of WeChat Payment retail operations

Mr.Yungen Zhang,Managing director of Beijing guo duo duo agricultural product scirculation management consulting service co., LT

Mr.Chen Xiaodong,Vice President of Alibaba Group,Yintai Business CEO

Mr.Christophe Renoul, Sales Director of MALHERBE PARIS

Mr.Si Xiang, Executive Vice-President of Chongqing Commercial Suppliers Association, Executive Secretary of Chongqing Chain Ope

Dr.Ton Chirathivat, President of the One Central Ltd.

Mr.XU Shaochuan,Director and COO of the Wumart Group

Mr.Pan Xiansheng,President of Jiangsu Provincial Chamber of Commerce

Mr. Yi Tao,Chairman of Shanghai China union loyalty Co., Ltd

Mr.Li Xuzhen,General Manager of Digital Marketing Center of Allinpay

Mr.Chen Rujia Microsoft Senior Partner Business Development Director

Ms.ROSEMARIE B. ONG,PRA President and Senior VP and COO of Wilcon Depot

Mr.Wang Yao,Vice Chairman of China General Chamber of Commerce,Former Director of China National Commercial Information Center

Mr.Diao Yuzhuo,Operation Director of Lightning Dog Technology co., Ltd.

Mr.R.Dhinakaran, President of the SRA, Managing Director of Jay Gee Group of companies (Singapore)

Mr.Lou Chao,Vice President and President of Southwest Headquarters of HKUST iflytek Co., Ltd.

Mr.Wu Chuankun,Guangdong Winshang Network Data Service Co.,Ltd  Chairman of the Board

Mr.Li Pengfei,Director of LIBY Group co,Ltd’s Guangzhou Shengmei personal care products co., Ltd. Purchasing and Supply chain

Ms.Zhang Wuming,CEO of Beijing

Mr.Zhang Wei,Director of logistics operation in China of Xiaomi Communication Technology co., LTD.

Mr.Kevin Mao CV,Senior Researcher at Center for Business Model at Northwestern University

Mr.TAN Xinzheng,Vice President of the China General Chamber of Commerce,Director of Beijing Sky Certification Center

Mr.Zhou Yanbin,President of

Mr.Jinho Park,Chief Director of Marketing (China),SPC Group (Paris Baguette)

Mr.Zhang Fusheng,Assistant to Chairman of Tianjin Yuetan Modern Business Group Co., Ltd.

Mr.Wang Zhihong,chairman of the board of Shaanxi Jiqun Internet of Things Service Management Co., Ltd.

Ms.ZHAO Meng,Deputy General Manager of Beijing Chaoshifa Chain Store Co., Ltd.

Bowen Zhou, Ph.D.  Vice President of and Head of JD AI

Mr.Masamichi Ito,Director, Consumer Affairs, Distribution and Retail Industry Division,Commerce and Service Industry Policy Grou

Mr.Zhang Qingsong,General Manager of Jointown Pharmaceuttcal Group Logistics Co., Ltd.

Ms.KANG Yingqian,Vice President of Basic Medical College of Guizhou University of Medical Sciences

Chu Jun,Associate Professor,Center for Information Analysis and Research,Renmin University of China

Mr.LI xiaobing,Professor of National Engineering Laboratory of Cereal Deep Processing

Mr.WANG hua,Vice President of China Food and Drug Enterprise Quality and Safety Promotion Association

Mr.AGUS NURUDIN MANAGING DIRECTOR, NIELSEN INDONESIA,Director of the Fresh Food Committee of the China Retailing Corporation Regional Alliance

Mr.YU Xiaodong,Director of the National Public Nutrition Improvement Project Office

Xulin Guo, Chief of Staff and Business Assistant to the CEO of Alibaba's Freshippo Business Group

Ms.Cecilia Tian,Vice president of Tencent Cloud

Mr.Shah Karim, CEO of SafeRock

振威集团-景斌: 李宪培 韩国零售商协会秘书长Mr. Heon-Bae Andrew LEE,Executive Director of Korea Retailers Association ...liuyf: 收到

Seven Co Ltd Head of Management Strategy Division

Mr. ZHANG Zhigang , Former Vice MInister of Commerce

Mr. YANG Xiulong , South Beauty CEO , Chairman of BeijingYan Restaurant

Dr. Prof.Bernd Hallier , Chairman of European Retail Academy

Mr. WANG Ning , CEO of Beijing EasyHome New Retail Chain Group Co.,Ltd

Mr. Kulvinder Birring,Chief Executive Officer of Watsons China

Mr.PU Jingbo,Vice President of Bailian Group Co.,Ltd

Mr.Tao Shiquan, Chairman of Chongqing Jiangxiaobai Liquor Co., Ltd

Mr.YANG Haifeng,Vice President-Value Supply Chain Department of JD Logistics

Ms. Carrie Yu , PwC Global Partner-Consumer Markets Industry

Mr.Jason Luo,Director and Head of Retail Services in North China ,Cushman & Wakefield

Mr. Zhang Wenzhong Ph.D. , Founder and Chairman of Wumart Group and Dmall

Mr. WANG Guangyong , Brand Director of MINISO group

Mr. Pete Fullard , Global CEO and Founder of Upskill People

Mr. Steven Ng Peng Wah , Council Member of Malaysian Retailers Association

Mr. Akio Yoshida , Executive Vice President and Representative Executive Officer, AEON Co.,President and CEO of AEON MALL

Mr. DI Tongwei , Director and Vice President of Liqun Group

Mr. CAO Heping , Chairman of Changchun Ou Ya(Group)Co., Ltd

Mr. KE Qiu , Vice General Manager of Shi Ji Retail R&D Center

Mr. David Zeng , Director of china retail HR research center, IBMG

Mr. XIE Xuhui , Chairman and CEO of

Ms. Cherry Zhao , Corporate Affairs Vice President of McDonald’s China

Mr. Hui SHEN , President of Business & Insights Group

Mr.Zhang JinYin,Founder&CEO of Startdt

Mr. WU Jinhong , Chairman of China Ants Alliance

Ms. Cynthia Hwang , Chief Executive Officer of Sunshine Wholesale Mart Sdn Bhd

Mr. LI Yanchuan , Chairman of Beijing Chaoshifa Chain Store Co., Ltd

Mr. CHEN Liping , Professor of Capital University of Economics and Business

Mr. CAO Lisheng , Deputy director of China National Commercial Information Center

Mr. ZHANG Zhikui , Director and party secretary of Chongqing Commerce Commission

Mr. Marco Tang , Senior Director of Retailer Service,Nielsen China

Ms. Michelle Grant(Head of Retailing at Euromonitor International)

Mr. Takehiko Nagai , Director of Commerce and Service Industry Policy Group, Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry

Mr. Masaru Wasami , President of Maruwa Transportation Agency

Mr. Tomihiro Saegusa , President of Ito-Yokado Co.,Ltd

Mr. Toshihiko Sugie , President of Isetan Mitsukoshi HLDS

Mr. Hirofumi Nomoto, Chairman of JRA, The Chairman of Tokyu Corporation

Mr. Hiromasa Kohama , Chairman of Japan Chain Stores Association